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I finally feel over my rape as I’m no longer scared in sexual situations

I lost my virginity to rape and afterwards although I met up with guys and kissed them I was unable to have sex and kept refusing them.  Then finally a year and three months later I finally had sex and I did again. This is a massive sign of progress for me as I thought I was never going to have a normal sex life and I was going to forever feel abnormal. Now I feel more comfortable with things and like more of an adult.

I still have trust issues but that is natural and I wonder whether being less trusting of people can protect me anyway from being hurt again.

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Sometimes you have to make the right decision even if it isn’t the decision you want to make

Like many sufferers from bipolar, when I am hypomanic I am sometimes reluctant to tell the psychiatrist as I am enjoying myself in my high and don’t want to stop having fun. This happened to me recently but instead of riding the high I phones up my psychiatrist after going to a bipolar group where they told me to talk to the doctor. She told me to up one of my medications again which I had been taking on a lower dosage. I’m aware that I have been enjoying myself but I don’t want to be unable to study when I go back to university.