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You have indeed changed my world

You forever changed my world
With your cheeky grin.
But you had to ruin it with your awful sin.
You have indeed changed my world.
Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016

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The Importance Of Small Daily Achievements When It Comes To Mental Illness Recovery

I don’t know who said it but someone said that it’s a good idea to write down positive things you have done each day during mental illness recovery. 

During my first week back from hospital I read a small book and watched an hour of French TV. These were achievements for me as often when I am in a manic episode I cannot concentrate and the fact that I didn’t have trouble reading the book and watched the TV all the way through showed that my concentration is quite good unlike last year where I could hardly concentrate for more than 15 minutes on something and struggled to read. 

This week my achievements are that I have watched three Spanish films, I went to a small party, I started reading a new book and I visited my grandma in the nursing home. The fact that I watched three foreign films without English subtitles is a major achievement as it requires a lot of concentration as a non-Native speaker to understand what is going on. The party was a big thing as I was reluctant to go as I thought I might get tired out like the week before. In fact, I did eventually get tired out but when everyone was starting to leave. 

Visiting my grandma was a major achievement as she doesn’t know about my mental health problems so I sometimes find it hard to go and see her and as she has dementia going to see her can be upsetting even though her sense of humour makes visits normally mostly okay.

I also think that the fact that I was undeterred by my two PTSD panic attacks in a city and still went out to two cities is a huge achievement when it comes to my recovery from trauma. I am not going to let anything stop me from doing things! 

If I were depressed then I would say that the fact I went out four times this week to socialise with friends and even more the week before was an achievement but because I am still on a high even though I am pretty much stable I wouldn’t call them achievements as it is typical for me to socialise a lot when I’m high.

Overall, I think I am making great progress in my recovery, I just need to cut back on my socialising a bit as it’s too expensive and I need to focus more on doing other things which make me feel I have achieved something such as doing more exercise and stay very focused on my goal to recover and get ready for university next year.

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We need to stop the menstruation shame

Here is ‘Period Poem’ by Dominique Christina.

We really do need to stop the period shame. I think many girls feel ashamed and embarrassed the first time they start their period and I certainly was and didn’t tell my best friend at school at the time until two weeks after.

My mother even uses the euphemism “supplies” for sanitary towels and I will admit that I was very embarrassed for a while to even go into a shop and buy sanitary products.

Also, no female shame is worse than the discovery that you have period blood all over your shorts and have been wearing your shorts all day. This shouldn’t be the case. Girls should feel proud when they start their periods and not ashamed, dirty and disgusting.

The most outrageous sexism and discrimination against women is now happening; there is a 5% tax on sanitary towels now in the UK but no tax on men’s razors! Evidently this whole menstruation thing that half the female population experience at some point in their lives is of no importance as George Osborne must want us to publicly bleed everywhere.

Here is the petition against the tax if you want to sign:

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Second Class Mental Health Service

So here is old news but figures that should outrage you. This will explain why I had to see a private psychiatrist as otherwise I would have had a massive waiting list and who knows if those suicidal thoughts would have got worse.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many deaths by suicide and attempts would have been prevented if people had been able to get a good enough quality of treatment off the NHS fast enough.

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Mental Illness Stigma Is Good For No One

It appears that mental illness stigma does not only affect people with mental illnesses as it stops them getting treatment and results in people sometimes isolating themselves from them, but it also creates a massive, unnecessary economic burden. #EndTheStigma

The stigma also helps reinforce the culture of silence and ignorance surrounding mental health and leads to extreme and harmful stereotypes with regard to people with mental health problems.