Dyspraxia and getting lost

As it is #DyspraxiaAwarenessWeek this week I decided to write a post about how dyspraxia has affected me recently. I am going to write about how having no sense of direction as a result of dyspraxia can have an impact.

I am completely dependant on my GPS so the other day when my phone was on 10% battery and I realised I had gone to the wrong station but didn’t know how to get to my destination I had a lot of trouble. I asked directions but decided that it would be too much hassle and I was worried about taking the wrong bus so I took a taxi and stopped by at a cashpoint on my way there. I think a lot of dyspraxic people would agree that the difficulty in following instructions as a result of the dyspraxia makes following directions and taking buses stressful and there is the chance of getting lost.

I got to my final destination fine in the end but I wouldn’t have got there in time if I hadn’t taken a taxi.