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You tell me I’m strong but I don’t feel strong 

My friend sent me this message: So wanted to thank you again for your example of battling through tough times and feeling comfortable in your own skin without makeup etc

I appreciate the sentiment but the fact is for the past few days every single night I’ve been thinking of slitting my wrists and overdosing. I have never been so suicidal and felt so awful in my life.

It’s hard and it feels like to be honest that I will give up at some point in the next 7 years by the time I’m thirty just like Sylvia Plath . I know that’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth.

I have been through so much pain in my life including a lot of abuse and rape that it is only natural that along with my borderline personality disorder and my bipolar disorder that I want to die. 

I don’t fucking feel strong at all right now and I can’t say that to my friend. I learnt a fucking prayer tonight to try and stop me from killing myself.

Bipolar, bipolar disorder, mania

I am making steps to be more healthy and finally I am accepting I have to live differently as someone with bipolar disorder

So over the past year I have recklessly drunk alcohol, smoked cannabis about ten times, not been eating healthily and I’ve had way too much caffeine. I think especially the drugs and the alcohol have not helped to keep me stable and have most likely contributed to my two overdoses. In fact, I took one overdose a day or two days after I smoked a joint.

I have now decided to quit the drugs, only have one or two drinks maximum instead of more like 7, eat healthily and even try yoga.

I have also decided to work on my codependent relationships because of my mental illness and I have decided to completely take a break from my closest friendship as it is entirely based on support for my mental illness with no common ground or common banter.

I have also decided to avoid a group chat which I am dependent on for help with my problems. 

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My bipolar has got easier manage with time but it’s still difficult

I called up a bipolar helpline today as things are getting too much for me and I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything that I have been feeling. It became clear that if I had actually made some terrible manic reckless decisions they would have said different things but I haven’t so they were fine with me waiting to see the psych once I’m back at university. Besides, although I am struggling I don’t really want any medication changes as I don’t want to have my emotions numbed and I have been worse anyway.

I have been struggling with such intense feelings of love, worry, anxiety, anger and inflated ego and grandiosity as well as euphoria. It just all feels too much even for me and I want to feel less. My ego is inflated as I am constantly thinking about how beautiful my physical appearance is all the time even when I’m not looking in the mirror. Normally I don’t think I’m ugly but at the same time I do not feel that I am so bloody important.

I have also been very cheeky with people and I’ve started to make inappropriate and offensive jokes.

I would take my PRN meds but they are not prescribing them to me anymore.

So in spite of the fact that I am not being promiscuous or spending lots of money I am having trouble dealing with how intense my feelings are.

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University and bipolar disorder is difficult but not impossible

I haven’t blogged for months and it’s because I’ve been busy at university with my studies, my social life and bipolar. I am not going to lie and tell you it has been easy. There have been weeks when I’ve done no work because I’ve been depressed or manic, I was suicidal for a few days and I’ve had bursts of manic anger but I have managed. I have taken days off of school for doctors appointments or for sickness but I have completed all of my assignments and at the moment I am taking my exams and I have been doing well at school even though at times I have been really quite ill mentally. I have been extremely anxious for months and even had panic attacks. I have alienated friends by talking about my mental health too much with them and I have even lost friends from being too intense but I’m still here and I’m achieving and I’m happy to have met some wonderful people and to have reconnected with friends.

Recently my friend told me that me talking about my anxiety to him a lot was too much for him and I instantly took this on board and decided to go to the university staff about my mental health instead of my friends. I instantly felt so bad and guilty for what I had done and I wanted to remedy this.

I feel great because I have proved the people wrong who thought that I was too ill to go to university. Bipolar disorder may disable me but it is not stopping me from functioning and getting on with my life.



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Manic isn’t me- when someone meets you after a manic episode

My ex-open boyfriend met me when I was in a manic episode. I was so full of life, energy, humour and love when I was with him. The electricity was turned on and I couldn’t turn it off. Then when I was back at university and I got depressed and talked to him on the phone he was confused. He thought that this was my permanent state, that he knew who I was. But he couldn’t be more wrong. My state of mind had changed and he didn’t like what he saw. He wanted me to be constantly happy, elated. joyful. It is funny how people who don’t know you well can think your manic self is your true self and then they don’t want to be around you when you are low.

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It is a false world we live in

I am a young woman aching with pain.

Pain from my scratches

subtly seeps through my veins

until it is on display.

I don’t want fame.

I just want them to understand, listen, empathise, believe.


It is a false world we live in

when the people who aren’t okay

and are struggling the most

Have to pretend they are okay

to fit into this false world.


Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016

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I accept an improved state of mind as better rather than searching for perfection

At the beginning of my journey towards better mental health I was hoping that on the right medication I would be rid of my highs and lows and that I could stop self harming forever. Now that  I have been living with mental health problems for a couple of years I don’t think this is the case. Even with all of my medications I still get bipolar symptoms but the fact is these symptoms are often much less extreme than before or I have dealt ways to deal with my symptoms.

Recently I have tried to reduce my self harm by exercising a lot more. It has partly helped as I have self harmed less but I don’t see how I could ever completely stop scratching as it’s always there when I need a coping mechanism to cope with my agitation most likely caused by my traumatised mind. But I am going to keep on swimming and see if I can reduce self harm by doing that.