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When the flame burnt out so fast

Intense, emotional our friendship was from start to end.
You said I have to break up and that was the end.
The end
To mutual understandings,
To phone calls about mood swings,
Bipolar advice.
The end to a friendship more important than many.
The end to a big part of my life,
The tearing of a piece of my heart.

But you were always volatile
And I clung onto a rock which was dragging me down-
You were unhealthy for me
And you would never accept me fully for who I am,
Accept my rebellion.
I could never be fully honest
For fear you would judge.
That isn’t friendship,
That’s a lie.

And so I leave a dramatic lie behind me.
There are others I can be myself around
Who won’t mother me
And who will accept me for me.
Intense relationships can be so thrilling
But they sometimes burn out very quickly.
You blew out our candle so quickly
But now I search for another candle to light up my darkness.

Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016


Intense, codependent relationships can be very destructive. I recently ended another intense codependent friendship as I realised we were talking to each other too much and he was bitter, stuck in the past and too intense for me.




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You may have ruined a moment but you didn’t ruin my life; I have hope

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When you bruised my hand you also bruised my heart 

Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016

This piece was created in art therapy and it’s about the anger and pain I felt when someone very close to me purposefully gripped my hand very hard and really hurt me. I ran up to my room crying thinking that I hated them.