Why travel alone and why it’s great to stay in youth hostels

Some people may tell you that travelling alone is dangerous especially if you are a woman and that you shouldn’t but I am going to tell you the absolute opposite.

Travelling alone somewhere nearby and safe like Europe first if you come from Europe helps you to learn how to be safe and what not to do for when you go travelling far away; I learnt from being chatted up by guys in clubs and being mugged and having my cigarettes stolen in France how to keep safe.

So why travel alone? It gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new people and you aren’t constantly stuck with the same people and not meeting new people.

What’s more, if you speak languages and want to practice but most of your friends don’t you have the perfect opportunity to practice.

Why else? Well, you learn more about yourself and you get to experience interesting and fun experiences with people from all around the world.

But most importantly, you learn about new cultures; try new foods, see beautiful art and architecture and perhaps history if that is your thing.

Travelling broadens your mind and is also a very fun and exciting thing to do. So if you’re a thrill seeker pack up your bags, save some money up and go!

Why stay in youth hostels instead of hotels? The obvious answer is that they are cheaper but I’m going to argue most importantly that you get to meet people from all around the world and learn from their experiences and have fun with them.

So yeah, travelling alone is a life changing experience.