I wrote you a love poem but all you could say was thank you.

My expression of adoration rejected and everything’s the same

Except it isn’t –

The word friend is tattooed on my wrist.

You write poetry too 

But you would never say you love me

At least not like that.

I have a charm that says the words love

But no one to give it to.

You rejected my charm

And broke my heart

With all your head fucks-

All the times you flirted with me, 

that time you made a move on me.

People even saw that intense expression of love in your eyes

When you looked at me

But apparently I am just a friend.
Just a friend and I am fed up with men playing with my heart.

I am fragile and I have been broken and crushed by you and two others this year.

I don’t want to ever feel so dead inside again.

This heartache has broken me and now I just want to be alone.

Copyright © Electra Rose January 201


It’s been two years and I’m still not over the one person I was in love with 

I cried last night and today for the first time in months about this guy I dated two years ago who I was in love with. Yes, he raped me but that doesn’t change what we had; how ecstatic I felt and high on life and happy and amazing. I have met three exciting guys since but I haven’t cared for them in the same way and one of them I wasn’t even that into. I just haven’t been in love since and I miss it. I readded this guy on Facebook and tried to message him but he hasn’t replied and I doubt he will, thus proving my prediction that what happened between us is definitely over however heartbreaking it is. 


When you like the idea of someone and not because you have a close connection 

So I went to my friend Josh’s birthday party last night and after he said he was going to make out with this very pretty girl I got very jealous and eventually very low and upset. I ended up crying into Josh’s arms and telling him that I have feelings for him and then saying that I was very upset and that I had to leave. 

I think sometimes it’s just one of those things; you want what you can’t have and you like a guy who is great on paper as he ticks so many boxes but you don’t actually have a strong connection with him.

I still feel low today but I’m sure in a few days I’ll be fine. I just think I need to take a break from Josh for at least a month. 

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Love is a distant memory

What felt like an eternity of being in love 

Yet now all that’s left is a shared song.

We both live on

But there is no love

In my heart.

You mean nothing to me,

You are dead to me

And yet I still listen to the song 

Like nothing happened,

Like nothing’s changed. 

Except I couldn’t be more changed 

By everything.
Now all that’s left of love is a distant memory.

So far away,


Just a speck of dust in my mind.

It seems that time

Has lost


What once was alive

Now lies dead

In the fragile corners of my mind.
Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016

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I’m through with you

You were so charmingly cute,

you painted laughter on my face so easily.

Your intelligence warmed my heart.

But you didn’t give a shit about me.

I was just a fleeting desire to you-

I meant nothing to you.

Whilst my unrequited affection

And your ignoring made me cry

You had the audacity to say we

Could still talk on the phone

Because you love talking to me

And that maybe something could happen in the future.

Well, my response is that you’re a dick

And I’m through with you.

Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016


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I’m done with unrequited love

I’m done with unrequited love.

Stop killing me with your lack of affection.

Friendly smiles just from friends not lovers.

There’s no romantic affection.


I’m done with unrequited love.

It’s killing me.

Please let the feeling’s stop.

I can’t bear the rejection,

The dejection.

It’s killing me.


My heart is shattered

Because I don’t mean enough to you.

I don’t want to feel anymore.

If only I didn’t feel so much.


Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016

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A moment changes everything

It is so difficult to accept

That what was once etched in stone

Is now chalk washed out in rain.

Time to accept

That everything can change

In a moment.

You cry for months about the one you lost

Until you move on

And tattoo others into your ever changing skin.


It is so hard to accept

That what I thought was forever was a lie-

Forever dies

In a moment.

Sometimes goodbye is adieu

And there’s nothing you can do

But cry

Until you find someone new.


Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016