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We need to stop the menstruation shame

Here is ‘Period Poem’ by Dominique Christina.

We really do need to stop the period shame. I think many girls feel ashamed and embarrassed the first time they start their period and I certainly was and didn’t tell my best friend at school at the time until two weeks after.

My mother even uses the euphemism “supplies” for sanitary towels and I will admit that I was very embarrassed for a while to even go into a shop and buy sanitary products.

Also, no female shame is worse than the discovery that you have period blood all over your shorts and have been wearing your shorts all day. This shouldn’t be the case. Girls should feel proud when they start their periods and not ashamed, dirty and disgusting.

The most outrageous sexism and discrimination against women is now happening; there is a 5% tax on sanitary towels now in the UK but no tax on men’s razors! Evidently this whole menstruation thing that half the female population experience at some point in their lives is of no importance as George Osborne must want us to publicly bleed everywhere.

Here is the petition against the tax if you want to sign: