Why do so many men not take no for an answer? Male entitlement I guess

I am in a hostel and I don’t feel safe here. There is a man who kept flirting with me and making kissy noises even after I told him I have a boyfriend and then he pretended he was going to lock me in the lift with him. He also touched me physically on the legs; I know male predators when I see them.

So instead, I’m staying up because I’m scared because this is what being a rape survivor is like.

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You are a rapist and you disgust me

Cruel snake tempting me

With false kindness, humour, understanding-

All lies

When all you wanted was to have power over me.
Your misogynistic devil’s horns

Don’t trick me anymore.

I refuse to let your deceitful smile charm me.

I didn’t let you kill me

And you won’t overthrow me.
Undeserved, unjust, horrible violation

Of body, mind and soul.

You raped me,

You are a rapist.

You should feel terrible for the rest of your life.

For violating another human being,

For stealing from another human being,

For being so cruel to a vulnerable girl,

For taking someone’s virginity with force,

For denying what you did.

Admit to yourself that you are a rapist

But don’t be surprised that you disgust me.
Copyright © Electra Rose January 2016