Why travel alone and why it’s great to stay in youth hostels

Some people may tell you that travelling alone is dangerous especially if you are a woman and that you shouldn’t but I am going to tell you the absolute opposite.

Travelling alone somewhere nearby and safe like Europe first if you come from Europe helps you to learn how to be safe and what not to do for when you go travelling far away; I learnt from being chatted up by guys in clubs and being mugged and having my cigarettes stolen in France how to keep safe.

So why travel alone? It gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new people and you aren’t constantly stuck with the same people and not meeting new people.

What’s more, if you speak languages and want to practice but most of your friends don’t you have the perfect opportunity to practice.

Why else? Well, you learn more about yourself and you get to experience interesting and fun experiences with people from all around the world.

But most importantly, you learn about new cultures; try new foods, see beautiful art and architecture and perhaps history if that is your thing.

Travelling broadens your mind and is also a very fun and exciting thing to do. So if you’re a thrill seeker pack up your bags, save some money up and go!

Why stay in youth hostels instead of hotels? The obvious answer is that they are cheaper but I’m going to argue most importantly that you get to meet people from all around the world and learn from their experiences and have fun with them.

So yeah, travelling alone is a life changing experience.


So I was quite hypomanic but a bit depressed at the same time so I decided to go to Annecy in France because someone had told me it’s a great place to go to.

So I skipped college and decided to go to France for a week. I thought Annecy was beautiful with the lake and the canals and the coloured houses but I wanted to go somewhere more lively so I went to Lyon the next day.

I had nothing to drink that night but I did not take my meds.

When I got to Lyon after a 2 and a half or something hour journey I thought I didn’t like it and it was ugly so I went to a fast food restaurant and had an orange juice and cappuccino and then I went to the train station.

I looked at the places I could go to and I thought that I wanted to go to Strasbourg, Lille or Brussels.

But I didn’t have much cash on me so I couldn’t go to any of those places so I just settled on Dijon.

I went there and I really liked it but I had a shit dinner so I ended up in a Mexican place where they do burritos a lot better than in England.

I then out for drinks and asked for a double in french because I speak french and study it at university and I was shocked as it cost something like 14€.

I then went home to a three star hotel that cost 100€ a night because when I had turned up at Dijon all that was available was hotels and none of the cheap hotels had space.

The following day I went back to Lyon because although I wanted to go to the Dijon museums I didn’t have enough money to stay in Dijon.

Lyon wasn’t so bad after all though and I went to a lively hostel and then I went to a bar and had a cocktail for only 5€.

I forgot to mention that when I got to Annecy I booked flights with Thomas Cook to go to Tunisia which cost me 200£.

I did all of this all while not telling my parents what I was doing or where I was.

I got to Tunisia and found it really beautiful with all the white houses with blue doors and the mosaics.

I had a lot of shisha and went to a cool rooftop cafe and had lots of pizza and chips and I went to the beach and saw an ancient monastery.

I ran out of money because of all the ludicrous spending I was doing so my parents had to bail me out.

On my last day I bought about 22 packs of flavoured cigarettes only for £13 and I accidentally bought shisha at the airport cos I thought it was flavoured cigarettes.

University has made me take the year off and said I wouldn’t pass the year given all the classes I have missed and because I did not do my oral exam so I think l’ll try and find work abroad to keep my languages up or something.

I also have holidays coming up and I’m travelling in the spring and the summer.

Weeks later when I was back home my dad said my mother was going to cut me out of her will for all of this and that my dad had wanted to say to me that he was never going to talk to me again.